Secrets of a Closet Millionaire – Now Available

Secrets of a Closet Millionaire

Secrets of a Closet Millionaire: A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Freedom offers inspirational advice on how to attain success with your money matters. The secret to getting well financially is in the understanding of money and how it works, how it can grow, and keeping more of it. Expert holistic financial guide, Michele Ashby, shows you how to:

  • Gain courage to take control of your money matters
  • Understand the principles of money and how to take charge of your money
  • Generate purpose in your financial life with meaningful outcomes
  • Turn your dreams into reality with a Get Well program customized for you
  • Better envision you retirement goals
  • Relax and enjoy the best time of your life (when you are debt free)

What sets this financial book apart from all the others is its holistic approach to money fears, hopes, and dreams that people have. This book goes way beyond the numbers that is often the main focus of managing people’s money and rather goes to the heart of the matter – intentional directives for money earned with freedom from debt and lenders.

There are many ingredients of being financially fit and several money planning tools that help people take charge and get in control of their money in new and more meaningful ways. One of the most powerful tools is The Get Well Program that you won’t find in any other financial books.

In short, the financial wisdom in this book will prove to be much more important than how much money you are eligible to borrow. Secrets of a Closet Millionaire helps readers create an active, satisfying, and happy financial plan to success in a way such that they don’t need a complicated leveraged or investment system to succeed.