Our Team

Michele Ashby

Michele AshbyEntrepreneur extraordinaire – hails from an unlikely background as a self-made business owner in finance, mining, modern energy, and oil & gas.

What motivates Michele? Creative, intellectual, and innovative ideas or visions of big picture solutions to challenges. Driven by an ability to put together unusual alliances. Study and intrigue of energy, life, soul, and how it relates to money, business, relationships, and outcomes.

Analytical and social, loves to network on an intelligent level and fun too. High school graduate who became a self made success and later graduated Magna Cum Laude in Finance. Experienced in business with over 25 years in mining and finance, Board member of public companies. International relationships with Heads of State and business leaders around the globe. Responsible — knows how to use contact knowledge and networks. Remarkable organizer – world class, world locations, world issues, world leaders. Cross-cultural experience. Author, speaker, motivator, athlete.

Self-made success from little means other than determination and persistence, intelligence and an impeccable work ethic. Inspirational life experiences of a woman, mother, and wife in unusual circumstances.

Keith Ashby

Keith AshbyPrince of Procurement – transitioned from fantastically famous professional musician to successful businessman.

Free Spirit and happy go lucky guy. Balanced in life. Creative being with musical background morphed into business professional. Dedicated public servant holding integrity as his foundation for maintaining balance and honesty in work. Found his free spirit – joy and passion by living and enhanced life on all levels – relationship, health, wealth, work, home, family, spiritually and emotionally.

What motivates Keith? Joy and excitement over witnessing others reach their joy in life whatever that may be. Integrity in work and home life and living debt free. Compassionate toward others. Ultimate husband, supporter, everyday hero and sensitive being. Keith lives by the mantra do right by others and respect yourself.

Teacher, mentor, leader in government – instigated p-card program, active board member on the NIGP board (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing). Guides staff with setting parameters and helping them achieve measurable goals. Encourages growth in others while continuing his own.


Johny Stell

Johny StellStaff Psychotherapist

Heart Intellectual – comes from a dynamic life of experiential and academic learning around cancer.

Understanding the joys of giving in life on many levels. Taking his own learning disabilities head on and creating freedom in learning and teaching others to do the same.

Philosophic oncology psychologist. Visionary for holistic care programs, before, during and after cancer treatments. Healing mind, body, spirit. Dynamic interactions.

What motivates Johny? A vision of vertically integrated care for stressed out individuals including support, coaching, self-healing and awareness.

Caring and giving individual – compassionate to others.